EvoCrete® RHC
The Green Concrete Hardening Accelerator

Concrete modification by EvoCrete®
Concrete modification by EvoCrete®

EvoCrete® RHC is a unique powdered concrete additive that accelerates crystal growth and promotes hydration of the cement. When using EvoCrete® RHC, no effects on the rheology of the concrete in connection with other concrete admixtures such as superplasticizers or air-entraining agents were observed. Since EvoCrete® RHC is a powder-form hardening accelerator, this makes storage and handling easier.

In contrast to other hardening accelerators, EvoCrete® RHC is made from natural, industrially modified mineral phases. This results in a reduction of the carbon dioxide balance and once again proves Shamrock's environmental responsibility.

EvoCrete® RHC enables exact control of the hardening process and the desired early strength of the concrete. Comparative studies of EvoCrete® RHC with other commercially available hardening accelerators confirm the efficiency of EvoCrete® RHC.

The performance of EvoCrete® RHC is illustrated by the example of a "green concrete" of type 45 / 20D (slump 200 mm). In this quality test, EvoCrete® RHC was compared with a commercially available liquid hardening accelerator. The requirement for our product was to develop an early strength after 6 hours which should be 20 MPa (= N / mm²). The liquid hardening accelerators already in use only delivered 13 MPa.

The high-performance concrete 45 / 20D (slump 200 mm) shows the following concrete mix design:

The high-performance concrete of type 45 / 20D is preferred for use in tunnel lining.

The high-performance concrete of type 45 / 20D (slump 200 mm) was mixed with 2% EvoCrete® RHC (based on the cement content), which means a weight of 8.7 kg EvoCrete® RHC.

Concrete Type Designation Workability w/cm CM (kg/m³) Admixture MPa (=N/mm²)
High-performance 45/20D 200 mm 0.38 435 11 l (liquid)
8.7 kg
8.7 kg

Cube compressive strength (in MPa) of 45/20D, 200 mm slump

After a hardening time of 6 hours, an uniaxial cube compressive strength of 12.9 MPa (= N / mm²) could be demonstrated for the reference sample, which was mixed with a commercially available liquid hardening accelerator (11 l to 435 kg CM). In contrast, it was found that the concrete mixed with 2% EvoCrete® RHC achieved the desired result of 20 MPa (= N / mm²). A significant difference in the early strength of 7 MPa in favor of the "green" powdery hardening accelerator EvoCrete® RHC consisting of natural mineral phases.

EvoCrete® RHC - the bionic way of cement modification.